Agility & Innovation In Action

Mobile Development

We provide development services on Android, iOS, Blackberry and Windows mobile platforms for companies of any size - from startups all the way to Fortune 500 companies - with high quality standards, ontime and within a budget. We can do it for you.

Our specialists have deep knowledge and programming skills on major mobile platforms. We employ Agile methodology for extending our client's team and often taking responsibility of the entire project from design to implementation to Quality Assurance, providing ready-to-publish mobile applications based on your ideas and business requirements. We also provide post-production support of the products we develop.

We are particularly interested working with idea-driven businesses and startups, creatively participating in the process, contributing our own ideas and thinking outside the box. This is how we created our products and made successful. We can do the same with yours. Our main expertise is in the following areas:

  • Mobile Printing and Scanning
  • Business Tools and Productivity
  • Social Media
  • Financial Applications
  • Customer-specific apps

Our corporate clients and partners, among, many others, include:

Web Development and e-Commerce

We develop web and c-commerce solutions of any complexity from start to end. In the past, we have created several frameworks, modules and components for web applications and e-commerce sites. We use them as the building blocks for new solutions for our clients without having to start from scratch every time. Not only it allows us to deliver the new sites and sites faster, but it also helps accumulate all the experience and expertise of the past applications making new ones better, more reliable, easier to use for your customers and in the end working towards your business goals.

Once engaged, we'd work with you to analyze you requirements, help you better understand the capabilities and technology aspects. We'd typically form a team dedicated for your project, small in the beginning but growing as required by development process. We provide complete transparency during the development process. We also would like you to actively participate in all business and technical decisions, when applicable. In the end, it's one team delivering one solution.

To inquire about our project portfolio or ask for a quote, please feel free to contact us